About WordSisters

We are Elizabeth and Ellen—sisters in writing—in it together from inspiration to publication. We’ve been part of the same Twin Cities writers’ group for more than a dozen years and admire each other’s work. We love to write, and we both have memoir manuscripts that we want to publish. Although our lives have taken different paths, we are united in our commitment to becoming better writers, our love of reading, and our passion for motherhood.

Ellen’s blogs may include observations about working women, reactions to contemporary culture, and reflections on being a Baby Boomer. Elizabeth’s posts may include her outlook on adoption, Guatemala, and being part of a two-Mom partnership. Occasionally, other members of our six-person writers’ group may also contribute.

We hope you’ll enjoy what we have to say—please share your comments!

6 thoughts on “About WordSisters

  1. Hi Ellen,
    Loved reading your blog on Brevity. I share some of the same experiences. I have a memoir that I’ve been revising for awhile but have really been enjoying writing a weekly blog, Apples, Art, and Spirit. What is your memoir about?
    Cheers, Linda

    • Thanks for visiting WordSisters. Glad you liked the Brevity blog. My memoir is about coming of age in the workplace in the 1970s.

      Your blog is delightful–such wisdom and interesting experiences!


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