My First Attempt at AI-Powered Writing

Artificial intelligence is all the rage, so I decided to use it to generate my February Word Sisters post.

My request: write a rhyming poem for women 50+ about the joys of aging (though I also briefly considered “the realities of aging”).

First I tried, but didn’t love what it generated, so I turned to chatGPT. In less than 30 seconds, here’s what I received.

As we age, we gain wisdom and grace

Our wrinkles are lines that tell our life’s pace

We’ve lived through hardships and moments so sweet

And we’ve learned that life is a journey, not a defeat

We no longer chase fleeting trends

Instead, we embrace our truest friends

Our bodies may change, but our spirits stay strong

And we continue to sing life’s sweetest song

We relish in the simple things

Like watching the sun set, and what the day brings

We find joy in a book or a warm cup of tea

And appreciate the beauty in things we see

We know that time is fleeting and precious

So we take moments to pause and reflect, never reckless

We find beauty in the moments we share

And embrace every opportunity to show we care

So let’s embrace this new chapter with pride

And enjoy the joys of aging with every stride

For we know that with each passing day

We become wiser, kinder, and better in every way

As a career writer, I’m still pondering how I might use AI-powered writing, but there is one thing I do know: I couldn’t have written a poem so quickly. And while I don’t think it’s a great or even a good poem, I do believe there’s value in not having to start with a blank page.

Have you experimented with AI-powered writing? If so, what tools have you used and what’s been your experience?


7 thoughts on “My First Attempt at AI-Powered Writing

  1. You’re right, the poem has some good points, but isn’t anything that really gets our attention. And personally, I like that. I want writing that reflects the individual point of view and quirks of the writer. AI kind of defeats that, in my opinion. But it’s an interesting experiment for sure!

    • So much of it depends on the quality of the prompt you write and the input you provide. As I’ve learned from some of my colleagues, that makes a huge difference in what one gets back.

  2. Like you, I am biased but also keeping an open mind as I have already seen one colleague use ChatGPT to draft some pretty impressive essays. Of course, that takes more time and effort on the front end, something I haven’t yet done.

  3. What an interesting experiment! I’m reminded that even in clichés about being an older woman there are truths. Our bodies may change but our spirits stay strong and we embrace our truest friends.

    • It’s amazing. One key to success is the quality of the prompt you write. One of my friends have been experimenting and I’ve been amazed at what AI has delivered.

  4. Thanks for the review Bev. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about ChatGPT. I think you’ve hit on a big plus with AI. I think the benefit will be for trained professionals who can use the technology to give them a head start and know where and how to edit and tinker and make a piece read more human like. Saying all that, I still believe in the power of a human writer to find ways to reach and touch the reader. And yes, I’m sure I’m biased there!

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