Meditation on Autumn Equinox

Long before a turning point is evident, tiny shifts lead to change: The last cut of the axe before a tree falls, the gathering force of an avalanche before it lets go, the final few cells piling up to a clot that blocks flow and becomes the stroke, the gradual loosening of a sleepy child’s fingers before the toy slides to the floor, the droop and dangle of a leaf before it drops, the new insight added to insight as a mind is changed. 

At autumn equinox, a near balance is struck when day and night are almost the same length before the northern hemisphere tilts toward winter. Minutes of daylight have been slipping away since June, and September’s days, though still sunny, are cooler. I don’t welcome the coming darkness, but accept it. And autumn has its compensations: apples, fires, and glorious colors.


7 thoughts on “Meditation on Autumn Equinox

  1. Autumn is my most favorite time of the year and has inspired much poetry due to the changes, colors, and ‘feel’ of the air and slant of light. Thank you!

  2. I feel the same way: I don’t exactly welcome Fall, mostly because I know it’s the prelude to a long, dark and cold Winter. But I do appreciate the gifts it brings, and I also know that accepting it is the best way. Winter also has it’s good points, and I try to dwell on those as well.

  3. Agreed, I can welcome the benefit of the restorative time of year, but I still miss the long days of summer when I feel so much more vital. Learning to accept and embrace the change of season! ❤

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