Time Traveling

toll road  Last week, I traveled back in time while driving to Ohio to visit my sister, brothers, and their families. The 12-hour road trip called for lots of tunes, and I found myself craving oldies that I could sing along to, even though I don’t usually like the oldies stations when I’m in Minneapolis.

Reeling in the Years” by Steely Dan sent me back to college, when I hung out with my wild boyfriend, partied with his buddies, and took midnight dips in borrow ponds on hot summer nights.

The Fifth Dimension brought back high school and sleepovers in a girlfriend’s basement rec room. We danced to the “Wedding Bell Blues” and sang it at the top of our lungs. At 14, we yearned for love and passion, but for most of us, that was still a ways off.

As I drove through the neighborhood where I grew up, Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman” took me back to my best friend’s pool and her mother snapping off the radio when she heard his sexy growl. She thought it was unsuitable for our 10-year-old ears.

Several times I got lost while bumping along Toledo’s crumbly blacktop roads that are scribbled with tar. I’m no longer as sure of my way around—I’ve been gone 30 years—longer than I lived there.

But inside my sibling’s homes I found myself. I became the middle sister again, the one who loves Bruce Springsteen like my sister and the Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival like my brothers.

8 thoughts on “Time Traveling

  1. I can so relate to this! Especially good for writing memoir set during that period. Thanks for reminding me how to access those memories!

    • Music set off a useful train of thought for me, too. When was I listening to Steely Dan ? What year did the albums I like come out? Who was I with and what were we doing? Thanks for commenting.

  2. Thanks for bringing back a flood of memories, including leaving the house to listen to the Beatles, something my dad forbid us girls from ever doing at home. Plus, I now have a few new (old!) songs to download via Freegal.

    • My dad didn’t forbid us to listen to the Beatles, but he always referred to it as “listening to that bang bang music” NOT a compliment! I’ll have to check out Freegal–thanks for the tip and for reading.

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