Lawn Care Craziness (Or in Spring, Anything Seems Possible)

I have never cared deeply about having a perfect velvety green lawn. Or rooting out dandelions, creeping charlie, and crabgrass. And yet, lately I’ve been trying to rehabilitate my lawn.

My neighbors care even less than I do, so creeping charlie crept over from one neighbor and dandelions blew in from the other neighbor. Crabgrass sensed an opportunity and launched its own attack. After only one inattentive year, our yard became The Bad Example. Clearly, its sorry state doesn’t bother my neighbors, but it does bother me.

I’ve invested a lot of time creating and cultivating flower gardens, so having a ratty weed-choked lawn seems incongruous.

Creeping charlie is the worst. I can live with it around the perimeter. But I thought it would be nice to have some actual grass in the main part of the lawn. Being organically minded, I didn’t want to nuke the yard with chemicals that would kill the weeds but poison the butterflies, bees, and birds I’m trying attract.

I read up. Several websites suggested covering the offending patch with cardboard and plastic in the fall. The heat and lack of light would kill the weeds and then I could rake them off in the spring. We tried it and all that did was kill the grass. The creeping charlie was alive and well. Sigh.

So then I began digging it up. A s l o o o w w w process. Until The Perfect Husband got involved. Boom. Done. Except for the oh-so-tedious process of knocking the soil off the dead weeds so the city would agree to take them as yard waste.

We reseeded. Lush grass is due to sprout any day. 

Meanwhile, all those dandelions I dug up last year are back and showing me who’s boss.

This focus on lawn care may be a fool’s errand. But hey, it’s spring. Anything’s possible.

11 thoughts on “Lawn Care Craziness (Or in Spring, Anything Seems Possible)

  1. We fight with creeping charlie every single year! That stuff is so hardy, I wish it actually was grass. And like you, I don’t want to use harsh chemicals to get rid of it. Let me know how your lawn turns out…I’m always open to a few tips for mine!

  2. When we were going to put our Wisconsin house up for sale, we were encouraged to spray for dandelions and Charlie (which I actually liked!). It broke my heart to use the spray, but I did it, and the weeds left. Here in AZ, dandelions are not seen as the enemy; in fact, they are tolerated. But I’m out every day for at least an hour weeding these plants that attract aphids. The only way to get rid of them and not kill the “good” plants is to do it by hand. And of course, our “soil” out back is bark and sand. Pulling is good therapy sometimes, and instantly gratifying. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to dump gravel over it all…

    • AZ has its own landscaping challenges (and snakes!) I’m willing to do this little lawn care experiment for a while. Currently, grass and clover is sprouting. Stay tuned!

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