Living in a Parallel Universe

Usually we avoid politics in this blog, but today I feel I must speak.

I woke up to life in a country I didn’t recognize. One in which half of the citizens view what our country needs and how to achieve it very differently than I do. Guided by liberal news media and pundits, I expected Hillary to win. I am shocked and saddened that she lost. Apparently I’ve been living in a parallel universe—I thought most of the country shared my values.

Although I’m worried about our country’s future, I believe Trump supporters were just as worried. We all love our country, but we differ in our assessment of what our biggest problems are and what the solutions should be. I am profoundly disappointed, but I will continue to fight to create the world I want to see.

As Hillary says, “Fighting for what’s right is worth it. It’s always worth it.”

7 thoughts on “Living in a Parallel Universe

  1. Because of Ellen and her post, I am finally starting my training at the animal shelter today. I may need the animals more than they need me, but I’ll be bringing good vibes into my local community. The community that just elected an African American woman as its mayor. Shine on!

  2. I am tired of hearing that Trump supporters are “basically good people” who “would do anything for anyone” but just don’t like Hillary Clinton. Their message to me is as follows: We don’t mind the Russians hacking into our email systems and influencing our elections. Nor do we mind that our president mocks people with disabilities, calls women pigs and worse, is a sexual predator, cheats and lies to protect his income tax returns, brags about things he’s never done, lies about donations he’s never made…It’s fine that our planet keeps getting hotter and hotter because there’s really no proof of that. What do scientists know? The scientists are trying to scam us. And besides, we just don’t like Hillary Clinton. Because e-mails.

    To the good people who would “do anything for anyone”: No, thank you. I’m going to have to start taking care myself from now on.

    • Yeah, you’re right to call, “Bullshit.” I was trying to persuade myself that it isn’t as bad as it seems. Trump supporters have radically different values from mine. And honestly, I afraid they will roll back a lot of what I hold dear.

      • I’m speaking from heartbreak. I do not want to feel this anger and disillusion, so I’m lashing out. I know worse has happened, is happening, in this world. But this “person” is vile. And that seems not to register with half the population.

  3. Thx for your post. You expressed much of what I’m feeling, including the hope that things will change in the right ways. And that everyone will be treated with the respect they deserve.

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