Fall Meditation

Every year fall delights me. Nondescript shrubs and trees surprise me with their dazzling colors. The cool air and shorter days are visceral reminders that we are not simply brains attached to keyboards and phones, but human animals subject to the rhythms of nature. Being part of a cycle that has been going on every year for eons restores my perspective. I hope these photos refresh you, too.

The pleasing artistry of primary colors—coreopsis, salvia, and burning bush








The exuberance of neighborhood Halloween decorations











The surprise of seeing three construction workers on a seven-story building across from the hospital cafeteria


The peaceful beauty of a golden tree arching over Minnehaha Creek










Winter will be here soon enough, but for now, I’m immersing myself in everything this fall offers.


8 thoughts on “Fall Meditation

  1. Your post is our fragment of autumn. My most favorite season……..the crock pot, pumpkin recipes, stews and breads and apple pie clutter the kitchen counter. The fire-pit is moved from behind the potting shed and fitted with the right amount of wood for the first evening fire and metal sticks made for marshmallows line in a row. The cats stretch long and lean and look for little patches of morning sunlight rather than nap under a ceiling fan. It is our season, our time, our patch of autumn. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. So fun to momentarily immerse myself in your delight. I heard on the radio the other day that peak color had moved from the Twin Cities to southern MN and realized I hadn’t even known it arrived. SAD.


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