5 Things I’ve Learned About Writing Blogs (Reflections at the One-year Anniversary of WordSisters)

May 31st marks the one-year anniversary of WordSisters. Yippee! We’re still going strong. All two of us. 

MP900341653Here are some discoveries I’ve made –

  1. Total strangers follow WordSisters. This still amazes and delights me. I figured 20 or so of our friends and family members might read the blog out of curiosity and loyalty. But we now have dozens of followers, many of whom came to us through the magic of the Interwebs and social media. How cool is that?!? Thanks for reading!
  2. Writing a blog is good discipline. Every other week when it’s my turn to blog, I have to write something. Sometimes I’m excited about it. Sometimes I’m lukewarm. But either way, I’m committed to doing this (and I can’t let Beth down), so I write. That’s a lot of blank screens. That’s a lot of words, thoughts, and stories. That’s 26 times per year that I have shared something I hoped would make you smile or think. Your comments and Likes tell us we’re succeeding.
  3. Writing a blog is different from writing a personal essay (beyond the obvious differences such as links, tags, and visuals). With the personal essays I hope to publish, I may revise 8-10 times during the course of a year or two as I refine what I’m trying to say. I think hard about meaning and style. But with blog posts, which are often meant to be timely reactions to current events, I don’t have the luxury of being so meticulous. I write more quickly and hope to get down the essence of what I want to say. I have to accept that good enough is good enough. As a former writing teacher who now writes for a living, it’s hard to let go of perfectionism. But I’ve learned that if I’m not completely satisfied with a post, well, better luck next time!
  4. I love the power of self-publishing! I love that if we think a topic or piece is worthy of your attention, we can simply put it out there.
  5. By blogging regularly, I’m creating a body of work. I hadn’t thought of this, but blogger Dan Blank had, and he wrote a guest post on Jane Friedman’s website about publishing. I think he’s right. Our blog style and content is still evolving, but looking back I can see how we each have distinctive voices and certain themes recur.

Going forward, we hope to invite other writers to post on WordSisters and we want to make it easier to find past posts.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!Beautiful Fireworks

6 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Learned About Writing Blogs (Reflections at the One-year Anniversary of WordSisters)

  1. Way to go! I always like reading these varied posts. They often make me think and see things in a new way. Thanks for all your work.

  2. Congrats!! What a great accomplishment! I always look forward to Thursday morning and reading the next blog.

  3. congrats on a whole year of doing what you set out to do! I’m impressed by your discipline and determination.

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