What I’d Like to Have Said to My 18-Year-Old Self as She Graduated from High School









  1. You’re prettier than you know—and prettier than you’ll ever be again in your life—enjoy it!
  2. Don’t be so afraid of trying new things and going after what you want—the worst thing that will happen is you won’t be good at something. So what! Quit waiting for your life to begin.
  3. Mmmm, girl, careful. It’s OK to try new things, but don’t do anything stupid that could change your life forever. I know all about those crazy guys you hung around with and the wild parties you went to. You were lucky.
  4. You were right to focus on your education and career—they took you further than anything else you could have done, and nobody can take them away from you. Women who trade on their looks are headed for a rude awakening when their looks fade, but your education and career will remain.
  5. When it comes to finding a husband, it pays to shop around. Aren’t you glad you didn’t stay with Bob or Brad? Find out what really matters to you—like wanting similar things out of life and being a good team when it comes to raising kids and managing a household. Take your time getting to know the guy—if it’s a good thing, it will keep.
  6. Your parents know more about life than you do and they truly want to help. You don’t have to do everything the hard way. Remember how they loaned you money for the car and the down payment on the house?
  7. Money matters. Have some of your own and expect to support yourself. Having a career can be a great equalizer in a marriage.

2 thoughts on “What I’d Like to Have Said to My 18-Year-Old Self as She Graduated from High School

  1. Sage advice about career, spouse, self-image, striving for what you want out of life… I remember, in high school, feeling ghastly fat and ugly. Fast forward –and I do mean fast– about 40 years and here I am sorting through old photographs from the 1970s in preparation for moving later this summer and I’m marveling at how lanky and cute I was. And, your advice still holds because now, in my fifties, I am as healthy, young and attractive as I’m ever going to be if I last another forty years.

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